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Bilder i hovedmappe: mkars80.jpgMKARS80 is a product supplied by the Radio Kits in England. I found this so exciting and got me the kit. The product is made in a way that even someone like me, who have never driven with electronics or vertival provections, could do this. A good building decription ecplains exactly how each part, resistance, transistor or whatever it may be, skal be placed on the circuit board. This was something for me, and construction started in March 2010. After easter in April 2010, was MKARS80 completed, but some measurements and test projections remained. It turned out that some mistakes i made, because i did not get out what would appear on one of the first test. Some e-mail back and forth with the vendor in England, resulted in an offer from there to send MKARS80 over for repairs and service. An offer i accepted with great thanks. Aprl 21. 2010 is the package of MKARS80 on its way to England. It will be waiting in suspense to MKARS80 been returned and how it then works. then the task of finding antenna that works well and which is easy to carry out in the forest, along with MKARS80. I look forward to run this little thing of a radio. I adress a big thank you to G6ALU Steve: Radio KIts and to LA2QR Roar, silent key 9 april 2010.     Link to MKARS80

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