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Remote control

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By a coincidence told a radio amateur that remote control of radio via the internet, it was quite possible. I once thought this, I had to figure out, because my ability to run the radio was only when I and / or the family went to the cabin, where there are excellent conditions and opportunities for various antenna projects. There is a limit to how much we are able to use the cottage, so remote control might be the solution. The first challenge was, is there sufficient access to the internet? With a Norwegian project: "ICE" this company provides wireless connection to the internet using the old Nordic mobile telephone network; NMT450. The signals from this network is very good at our cabin, so here it must be a solution.
Then there was the option of remote control system. Would it be best to run it via remote desktop via a local PC? Or the Swedish system "REMOTERIG" choice was quickly on the latter. The system was ordered from MICROBIT in Sweden and the excitement was great when the goods arrived. Two small black boxes that were configured and set up to serve my radio and set up to be controlled, via internet.
The first challenge was to get this to work with my radio, a Yaesu FT450AT. After several months of configuration and testing, the conclusion was that the radio did not work satisfactorily with REMOTERIG.
The solution was the purchase of radio model that this system is built to run; KENWOOD TS480. I purchase the model with built-in antenna tuner, transmitter power of 100W.
Now, the swing of things and it proved to be very easy to set up REMOTERIG system to run on the radio.
Another challenge was ICE WLAN router, which thus was the internet connection that would connect up at the cabin. This IP address changes constantly, as it was difficult to "get" remote box that should be on the "inside" of the ICE WLAN router that connects to the radio part of the TS480. The solution was therefore an account in DynDNS system, then be able to tell ICE WLAN router DynDNS account in the new IP addresses. The problem was resolved.
The system was placed at the cottage April 20, 2010 and closed down in August 2013, due to new purchased base station: Kenwood TS-590S


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